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Zhivago Partners

Kristin Zhivago and her team give clients what they hope to get: professional management of digital marketing. Only the best specialists are used for all aspects, carefully selected and tested. Not only must they have the right knowledge, but they have to have the right attitude, which is a desire to serve and a desire to get it right. We do have a “no jerks” policy here, and that goes for partners as well as clients. Life is so much better when your day is spent with people who are kind.

Kristin’s Background

  • Author of the 5-star book, Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy.
  • Was one of the first in the marketing field to start looking at selling from the buyer’s perspective.
  • Speaker and blogger. Podcasts, keynotes, workshops.
  • Started out as the first woman to sell machine-shop tools in the U.S., and has been learning everything she could about selling and tech ever since. Founded her own high-tech marketing agency in Silicon Valley, then was a Revenue Coach for companies around the world for a number of years, then co-founded Cloud Potential and Cloud Wise Academy in 2014.
  • Founded Zhivago Partners, a digital marketing management firm, in 2017.

A Note From Kristin

I get up every day thinking how we can help our clients sell more. That’s what I live for. It’s all-consuming. Any of our clients will tell you – clients I’ve worked with for decades – that their success really matters to me, on a personal level.

I love business owners; people who have risked it all, have built great companies, and are now struggling with the new mobile- and Google-driven marketing environment we are working in. It’s a new world, one with its own rules and structure. It’s not impossible, it’s just different. It can be mastered.

I love marketers who are working their tails off and who appreciate reliable and dedicated help.

I love customers – people who are trying to solve a problem or meet a need, and who are very frustrated about all of the ways that sellers make it difficult to buy. Ironically, people want to buy stuff. It’s the sellers who get in the way.

We know, as buyers, what we want. As sellers, we think we know what customers want. But we are often mistaken – and that is the single largest problem with marketing today, one that we are determined to solve, one company at a time.

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