Account-Based Marketing

It’s pretty funny how new names spring up for what one could consider “classic” sales and marketing. Account-based marketing is basically picking a target and going after it properly. The difference now is that the tools you have at your disposal are much more sophisticated than they used to be.

You sell a product that is purchased by IT managers in large hospitals. Or, you sell a product that is used by manufacturing companies in a particular geographical area. Or, you sell a type of product that your competitor has been able to sell successfully to a particular company, and you think you can offer that company a significant cost savings or unique capability.

All of these situations – and those like them – are candidates for account-based marketing, which you can carry out if:

  • There is a clearly identifiable target (and, hopefully you can offer a clear benefit)
  • The target market is not yet saturated or is open to making a switch
  • You have a way to obtain company and contact information for that target market (there are now a variety of powerful tools for this)
  • You have someone who can send emails and make calls, and you have something to offer (content and product)
  • That person can set up appointments for salespeople (or invite them to in-person or digital events)
  • You have a way to nurture those contacts, and continue to market to them, including retargeting, personalized or customized landing pages, regular emails, etc.
  • You have a way to track all marketing and selling efforts, from first contact to closed sale

It’s a great way to get sales and marketing departments working more closely together, and to shift your salespeople to “conversations and closing” instead of constantly digging around for new opportunities.

We can help set these programs up and run them, including systems, training, and campaigns. We’ll do what’s appropriate and affordable for your business.

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