Content Marketing

Kristin Zhivago has trained copywriters all over the world and is our managing editor. Our team of writers write SEO-driven, customer-converting content.

We tend to specialize in B2B, because that is what we’re best at, and we do find B2B clients have a hard time consistently generating relevant content for their technical or business customers. Kristin has specialized in B2B for decades, having immersed herself in technology long before it was ubiquitous or cool. Writers are chosen for their ability to understand and write about even the most technical subjects, so that the content is relevant to professional readers.

Content is generated for SEO, blogs, pages, emails, social, white papers, and anything else that clients require. All content is edited before submitting for review, and changes are made in cooperation with clients. All content is driven by SEO ranking strategy and SEO best practices.

Oh, and since Kristin wrote the book on how customers buy, all content contributes to helping them make an informed buying decision in your favor. We make sure we’re always answering the kinds of questions your potential buyers are asking.

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