Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is one of the best ways to test concepts and appear on “top” for your key phrases. But, like SEO, it’s not magic. It’s hard work, done right.

Pay-per-click campaigns are more sophisticated than ever. You can see exactly what your competition is doing and what’s working for them. This is where you can start, so you’re not just throwing darts on the wall at X dollars per click. Of course, your competitors can see exactly what you’re doing, too, and the smartest ones will catch on quickly and steal your thunder. It’s not a game for the lackadaisical.

Done right, with A/B testing of the ad and landing page, it can be a great way to find out what resonates with customers. Small tweaks can make a big difference.

Once we have interviewed your customers and created your Search Engine Persona, we will evaluate what is working for your competition, and work with you on a campaign. You can start small and adjust until your ads start to gain traction, and then adjust again as the competition starts to imitate what you’re doing.

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