Social Marketing

Social matters – for many good reasons, including SEO. We get you set up and going and going, with the right kinds of messages on the right platforms.

Even in the B2B arena, social matters. If nothing else, it matters to Google, but it can also lead to interest and it certainly helps to define who you are and what you care about to your potential customers. They may not follow you, but they can easily see what you’ve been posting and make sure you’re not asleep at the switch. Obvious participation in your industry can check a box off for a potential customer, causing them to rank you a bit higher than the competitor they are considering.

We will work with you to agree on your social strategy – starting with the channels that you should pursue and the ones you can safely pay less attention to – and then will set you up with a consistent program that helps with thought leadership, and careful sharing of relevant content (yours and others).

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